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Crystal Fischetti is an Abstract Expressionist artist who lives in Marylebone.

portraitWhat is the inspiration behind your art?

I am inspired by nature, thought, emotions and space. I am currently involved in the research of parallel universes, not with NASA just on my own.

How would you briefly sum up your style?

In art my style falls under the genre Abstraction as I take away the noise and present a hint or notion of what I see. An artist the other day said I should call it Subtraction. Colour, form and energy play a large part of my work in all mediums including paint, paper and digital.
My style in fashion is a mix of classic, bohemian funk.

Do you believe that perceptions of the world we live in have a place in art?

I do believe art is a reflection of what we see and know and think in this world. My art plays with the idea that what we see in the world we live in may not be real. The world I offer may be more real. Immanual Kant is to blame for my philosophy.

You have exhibited all over the world, where have you most enjoyed seeing your work displayed?

The Yuehu Museum of Art in Shanghai was magical and a real blessing. It was such an accomplishment to be invited to talk about western art and represent Great Britain at the age of 25 let alone have my work in their permanent collection. I have exhibited in New York three times and owe the city my respect. My dream is to exhibit at the Guggenheim one day and shake it up a bit. LA is somewhere that took hold of my heart. My work is there but I would love to have a show there sometime soon.

How important is colour in your work?

Colour is very important in my work. It is light. It can describe moods and take you to a place in your memory that can be very intimate. Yellow is such a happy and transcendental colour.

What has been the biggest challenge for you in being an artist?

I do not dwell on the challenges though I am grateful they have been there. If I see a wall I’ll climb over it.

Who inspires you?

People who are passionate about what they believe in and have a vision. Richard Branson, James Dyson – they really believed in their ideas and they had many naysayers. Helen Frankenthaler, Robert Motherwell. Howard Hodgkin lives around the corner in Bloomsbury I would love to meet him. His technique is still influential.

Away from being an artist what else do you enjoy doing?

I got into yoga since being in the States so I cycle to Primrose Hill to practice three days a week. I visit shows, events, lectures. I love spending time with friends – it always involves food, wine and lots of laughs. When I have time, our home on the beach in Italy can be really cathartic although there is always a neighbour that can disturb the peace asking for ‘un caffè’!

Have you got any exciting projects coming up?

I’m working on some new commissions for Milan and some projects yet to be revealed…

If you weren’t an artist what other professions would you have considered?

Dance was my life. I trained with the West London School of Dance and London Children’s Ballet as a child. I had seriously thought about it as a professional career.

Why Marylebone?

It is where I was born and raised. It is more like a village now but when I was growing up there was only Villandry, Patisserie Valerie and Green’s where I was asked to do paper rounds. Everyone has always been friendly here. It is a pretty pocket in Central London. No one back then really thought people lived here.

Where do you like visiting in the Marylebone area?

Daunt Book shop and the Oxfam are my vices for great book finds. I love Whistles, VV Rouleaux, The Button Queen and the Conran Shop. I usually pop down to Caffè Caldesi for coffee, lunch or dinner. They are old family friends. La Fromagerie, the Ginger Pig and the farmer’s market on a Sunday are my way of supporting local produce.

Portrait: Nika Zbasnik

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