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Dan Gregory is the founder and creative director of Men’s Grooming Room ‘Man Made

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Dan Gregory and I’m a men’s grooming expert and founder/creative director of Man Made, London Grooming Room. I’ve been working in my industry for 13 years and have built up a loyal clientele ranging from actors to city executives. My work has been featured in magazines from Vanity Fair Italia to British GQ and on some of the most recognised faces in film, music and TV.

What drew you to male grooming?

The thing that drew me to men’s grooming was that it gave me the chance to make somebody feel more confident about themselves and offer advice that actually helps them – whether it be styling their hair, reducing irritation after a shave or anything else. It’s also a very sociable job and over the years I have made most of my friends through the industry.

How did you get into the industry?

I started off in my local barbershop back in Liverpool working Saturdays and I really got into it. I gained experience through training with the other members of the team, going on courses up and down the country and through a lot of research. I began to build up a clientele which helped me gain more experience and from there I was approached by a men’s grooming emporium in Mayfair, London, to join their company. I kind of made my own route, making sure I put the time in where it was needed and I’m fortunate that it has become a hobby as well as a job. With Man Made I feel we can offer that bit more to the discerning gentlemen as we’re unique – offering not just barbering services but also male aesthetics at our private clinic.

Was the goal always to run your own business? Where were you before?

Yes, my goal was definitely always to have my own business. I have gained a lot of experience over the years which has helped me understand what gentlemen want from a grooming room whether that be good products, advice or a place to come and relax and get away from their everyday life and stresses. I’ve worked in different types of salons, from an emporium townhouse in Mayfair to a 5 star hotel in Central London as well as in Cannes and Venice to name a few.

What’s the toughest part of your job?

The toughest part of my job is definitely working the weekends. I love a good weekend off and can count on my hands how many I’ve had off since I was 15!

How did you end up in Marylebone?

I ended up in Marylebone because I love the area. I love the village like feel and all of the independent stores. I have a lot of clients in the area and around the West End and I like to think Man Made fits in perfectly for the gentlemen of Marylebone.

Do you spend much time in the area when you’re not working? Any favourites?

I do spend a lot of time in Marylebone during the evening, often eating out. I regularly visit Monocle Cafe on Chiltern St and on a Sunday sometimes visit the farmers market on Moxon Street.

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