The Dotmaster Trash ‘n’ Cash comes to Imitate Modern


Hosted by urban contemporary art gallery Imitate Modern, The Dotmaster’s TRASH ‘n’ CASH opens on 10th November, running until 29th November.

TRASH ‘n’ CASH is an acute social commentary highlighting the stark contrast between the homogenisation of society and the success of individual brands along a rising identification with certain celebrities.

The exhibition features a mix of media artwork. It has the feel of an art installation, with works bleeding from their frames and painted directly on walls. One part ‘ The Money Shot’ makes use of legal tender to directly mock our concept of value and asks the question ‘What is the cost?’

Although TRASH ‘n’ CASH is a gallery show, we also look forward to seeing the ‘Rude Kids’ graffiti series throughout London, in the build up to the exhibition.

Finally a bit about Dotmaster: The heavyweight street artist possesses a typically British sense of humour combined with a healthy dose of cynicism. His daring street stencilling has earned him a formidable reputation. The Dotmaster exhibits internationally having been invited to partake in Banksy’s Waterloo ‘Cans Festival’ and appeared in the Oscar-nominated “Exit Through the Gift Shop.”


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