‘ACID’ by Raymond Salvatore Harmon at Imitate Modern


On 29th January Imitate Modern will be launching ‘ACID’, a brand new exhibition by Raymond Salvatore Harmon.

The installation exhibition will be barely contained within the gallery walls, with acidic explosions of colour dominating the space. ‘ACID’ showcases Raymond Salvatore Harmon’s work on an industrial scale, his sharp colour palette and digital-inspired designs intended to reflect the ‘bitter fragmentation of modern society’.

‘ACID’ will see Harmon create pieces with a technique bordering on performance art, his painting process will be open to the public and will see the instillation emerge over three days. Harmon gave us this glimpse into the philosophical musings of a 21st century artist: “As a painter I find myself in a practice that is shamanic in nature, centred on movement and gesture in a dance with the materials I am working with. I tend to paint ‘through’ a space in a way that defines my work as a record of such movement.”

Harmon’s truly individual style of fusing fine and urban art is differentiating him from modern street art trends. Although his art originated on the streets, he has dedicated 10 years to pushing artistic boundaries; employing everything from whips to fire extinguishers to produce undeniably unique art. Harmon merges the street canvas with his fine-art style and his work on multi-history buildings can be seen worldwide, challenging the concept of ‘street art’ and carving a path of his own.

For the art aficionados among you, the exhibition is surely an opportunity for a unique artistic experience, with Harmon describing his work as a “spiritual experience that is a vibrant living expression of life.”

The exhibition launches on 29th January and will run from 31st January – 21st February.


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