Kei Kobayashi and Sushi shop collaborate on new 2017 menu


London favourite and Marylebone staple, Sushi Shop, have unveiled a new collaborative menu for 2017.

The restaurant has teamed up with Michelin star chef, Kei Kobayashi, in a collaboration that they call ‘the perfect meeting of East and West’. From the salmon gravlax roll to the red miso cucumber salad, this new menu has clear echoes of french gastronomic cuisine whilst still retaining the aesthetic appeal and creativity that Japanese dishes are famous for.

Both Sushi Shop and Kei Kobayashi have French and Japanese cultures at the centre of their history. Sushi Shop was founded by two french entrepreneurs in 1998, who saw the gap for a middle of the market Sushi restaurant. A restaurant that would offer tasty, made to order sushi that was encouraged to take away, all at a reasonable price. No one else was offering this at the time, sushi was mainly found in expensive hotels and restaurants and at a high price point. Kobayashi on the other hand was born and raised in Nagano, Japan. This is where he began cooking french cuisine before moving to France in the mid 90s to learn how to master and a perfect his skill. In 2011 Kobayashi opened his own restaurant, KEI, in Paris. One year after the opening he was awarded a Michelin star.

Inspired by their joint history, Kobayashi and Sushi Shop have collaborated to try and create a fusion of the two cuisines, and its worked.

A highlight of the new menu is the gyu special roll, gyu meaning beef in Japanese. Here Kobayashi has reworked the beef and presented it in a carpaccio style, ever-so lightly seared and lacquered with teriyaki sauce. The crunch from the peppers, carrots and fried onions provide a nice contrast to the soft and succulent beef. Kobayashi said, “I wanted to play with colours, this is a very very visual creation, very expressive.”

At £8.90 for the gyu special roll, Sushi Shop is not far off high-street competitors in terms of price. However, they are miles ahead in terms of quality. At Sushi Shop the ingredients are fresh and so are the dishes, all food is made to order. Which is a nice change to other high-street sushi chains where the food is pre-packaged and left to dry out in a self-service refrigerator.

Kobayashi and Sushi Shop have achieved what they wanted here. The new menu is simple yet intricate, traditional yet innovative, Japanese yet French. They have succeeded in fusing the two cuisines and have created a fresh and exciting new menu.

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