Review: Spa & Gym at The Third Space


Spread over multiple levels, The Third Space is an impressively large space in itself considering its central Marylebone location – add to that the 18 metre swimming pool, award winning gym facilities and a luxury spa and you could well have a winning formula.

My invite to have a look around The Third Space was mainly to see the luxury day spa, but as a morning workout is a big part of my life I wanted to spend an hour in The Third Space gym before my treatment.

The summary is that the gym facilities are some of the best I have worked out in. With different levels and mezzanines, there is nearly every kind of machine or space you could ever need (even a climbing rope), making The Third Space arguably one of the most versatile gym spaces in central London – perhaps aside from their other location in Soho.

I arrived at 11am on a Sunday morning, feeling a little worse for wear after a Saturday night out. Not as bad as it sounds – exercise is always my ultimate hangover cure. I spent an hour between the bicycle and free weights room, with a bit of time cooling down on the stretching mats – frankly you could use a different room or set of equipment each day for a week and still have places left to explore. Importantly for me, The Third Space bathroom and shower facilities are as impressively clean and spacious.

A quick glance at the notice boards and it was clear there is an equally enviable list of group classes for gym members to take part in – and then it was off to the spa.

I have to be honest – ask me how I’d like to spend my Sunday morning and you’re unlikely to hear me respond with “Please can I have a pomegranate facial?”. No reason in particular – I enjoy looking after myself, but visits to the spa are not usually at the top of my list.

But after a hectic week at work, my visit to The Third Space Spa turned out to be a much needed, relaxing and reinvigorating visit that came at the perfect moment. Having cleared my mind upstairs at the gym, moving down in to the dimly lit spa deep below Marylebone was the perfect transition.

The calm atmosphere of the Spa’s treatment room soon had me completely at ease as my deep cleansing facial began. Making use of fruit enzymes to clear away dirt and impurities whilst removing dead skin, the antioxidants in pomegranate are apparently of great power when it comes to attacking potentially damaging free radicals.

Nearly an hour later I was feeling the most tranquil I had in weeks, not to mention the benefits to my skin. Whilst I’m often skeptical about the effectiveness of similar treatments, my skin certainly had a fresh glow – and it was noticeable for days afterwards.

The Spa at The Third Space offers a range of other facials as well as treatments that include massages, pedicures and manicures all in the calm of beautiful facilities with expert practitioners, and an impressive range of Murad skin care products to accompany.

After just a couple of hours at The Third Space, I can see why anyone would become a regular here. I left feeling fitter, happier and more relaxed – only to surface into the grey and rain of a summer’s day in Marylebone…

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The Third Space
Bulstrode Street

Nearest Tube: Bond Street


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Alex is the founder of digital agency 93digital, the publisher of Marylebone Online.

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  • Moha13

    I was very disappointed with the bad service at Third Space Marylebone that was given shortly after I joined in November 2016. I decided to cancel my rolling membership just before completing a month membership as I was very disappointed with several things:

    Firstly, I received an email that the membership fee will be increased by £10 monthly 2 days after joining however the receptionist did not warn me that the fee will be changing from January 2017 instead of being member for a year. It was the first time when I felt that they screw me.
    Secondly, it happened several occasions that I came to the gym and I had to realise that the swimming pool was out of order after I got undressed. I was not informed prior verbally nor by email. Also I was not the only member who was complaining and got really disappointed by this.
    Thirdly, when I made a complaint I felt that they were not even listening to my problem but wanted to take my money.

    Their membership manager explained to me by email that they needed to protect their club from the consequences of sudden cancellation by members. However I believe that the best way to protect Third Space would be to offer a great service to the members to make sure that they are happy (e.g. to send out emails to the members in case if the spa is constantly out of order; having a professional team in place who offers a proper induction at the time of registration and aware of how the fee works; being organised; hiring people who know what they’re doing and offering a luxury service for a luxury fee.

    They don’t realise that customers who can pay £150-160 per month for a membership at a tiny gym at Marylebone are those clients who can afford luxury service. Consequently when they pay £160 a month for gym membership they except more than a gym floor. They expect 5 star service not 1 star one. We are paying for the service not the equipment only. For £160 a month their team should be professional enough and have a knowledge that is five star also which clearly don’t seem to have in place at Third Space Marylebone.

    It really disappoints me the way how my case was handled by their membership manager as I could not see any effort from her side that could have been a solution to my problems. Instead of her understanding I received blackmailing emails only that failure to serve another month extra payment, it will result in my account passed over to their external debt collection agency.

    Third Space is not a customer friendly company. They see only the money in you. I have not signed their form that I agree with their cancellation policy however they are blackmailing me.

    I have been a gym member in London for over 10 years and has been actively working out however I have never been treated on this way before.