These Colours Don’t Run at Carousel London


London-based artist Alexander James paints his interpretation of the world both abstractly and figuratively. Fascinated by colour, Alexander delicately fuses the emotive expressions of his subjects with intriguing concepts.

His upcoming exhibition at Marylebone’s Carousel ‘These Colours Don’t Run’ is an expression of his interpretation of colour. People show their true colours in everyday situations whether it is dressing differently or acting out in a particular way and by painting Alexander James wanted to explore the concept of emotional expression through colour and in particular its role in Native American culture.

The project also experiments with moving image in order to create new ways of combining colours, which is a huge inspiration behind Alexander James’s work.

Alexander said, “I love the idea of being part of a group where you are only represented by colour and patterns. Each Native American tribe had a distinctive look to intentionally stand out. Through this, I have created my own uniform and signature by combining colours for people to wear in a variety of colours and patterns, superimposed onto items of clothing, designed to capture their identity.”

Alexander James presents ‘These Colours Don’t Run’ at Carousel London, 71 Blandford Street, London, W1U 8AB, running from 1 st September – 23 rd September, 2016.


About Author

Alex is the founder of digital agency 93digital, the publisher of Marylebone Online.