Top 3 Marylebone cafés to work from


We’re going to take you on a whistle stop tour of 3 of Marylebone’s top cafes to work from.

With an alleged 1 in 7 people now registered as self-employed, the demand for work spots has sky-rocketed. Gone are the days of dressing gowns and client calls in your pants with Jeremy Kyle on mute in the background. These days it’s all about the Macbook, expensive leather notebook and flat white. Especially if you’re a student.

Gone are the days of Yorkshire brew and, if you were feeling exceptionally indulgent, a cucumber sandwich with a slice of carrot cake. Now it’s all about handpicked Nicaraguan cacao, double roasted and strained through 89.4 degree water from the Malvern Hills. The WIFI needs to be faster than a South Korean gaming arena and if the decor is anything less than minimalist, reconstructed, ‘found-it-in-me-nan’s-garage’, shabby-chic then you can pretty much write your own eviction notice.

Whether you call it kitsch or niche, nouveau-riche or just plain quiche, London has bean revolutionised by the demand for good quality coffee in a specific environment – and Marylebone is certainly no exception.

– Monocle

Trendy Monocle Café on Marlyebone’s much loved Chiltern Street is first up. Great coffee, great food, but lacking in the WIFI department as it’s only available to magazine subscribers.

Coffee 8/10 | Wifi 2/10 | Ambiance 7/10 | Comfort 7/10 | Staff 8/10

– Nordic Bakery

A great place for some quiet, focussed work – but not with any electronics, as there is no WIFI whatsoever.

Coffee 8/10 | Wifi 0/10 | 7/10 Ambiance | 6/10 Comfort | Staff 7/10

– Amanzi Tea

We could spend ours sat in the big comfy downstairs area at Amanzi Tea. Whilst the coffee ain’t as good (to be fair, it’s mainly a tea shop), it makes up for it everywhere else.

Coffee 6/10 | Wifi 9/10 | Ambiance 8/10 | Comfort 8/10 | Staff 7/10


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