Week 3: Editor’s Fitness Challenge



Week 3 update of editor Alex’s 6 week fitness challenge at Harley Street’s Centre for Health and Human Performance (CHHP).

The last week has been great – as a big techie I’m still loving how futuristic the Milon Studio is. I simply move around the Milon circuit with my chip card, slide it into the machine and it calibrates itself, setting itself up entirely for me as well as loading up the correct weights from settings on Richard’s computer.

There’s something nice about getting to the end of a session and Richard loading up all of my stats – I can see how much weight has been lifted, how many repetitions have been done and also the amount of time and energy used on the bike. I lifted over 7 tonnes in one session – according to Richard the weight of an African elephant! Loading this up on a graph and seeing a steady upwards trend is also good motivation to keep working hard!

I feel like I’m bouncing back from each session quicker from a cardiovascular perspective. Even though the resistance on the bike has been increased I seem to be (just about!) making it through to the end, but starting to recover a bit quicker than I did at the start of my sessions.

From a nutritional perspective I’ve been eating as healthily as I can and after meeting with nutritionist James Collins have been upping my protein intake. He recommended that because of the style of resistance training I am doing I will need additional protein in my diet to help build new muscle tissue, with the best time to consume it being straight after each session during the recovery phase. Options he suggested include:

– 500ml of milkshake
– 150ml low-fat greek yoghurt with granola
– 120g of lean meats (e.g. as a combination of sushi, wrap with salad)
– A natural protein-based snack bar, such as ‘Bounce’ or ‘Pulsin’

Being on the go a lot, I’ve found throwing a few Pulsin snack bars in my bag to be the most easy solution!

Richard Solomon CHHPHere’s an update from trainer Richard:

Great progress again across all aspects of the training. There has already been a noticeable change in your ability to swiftly recover after the tougher sessions, and your heart rate response reflects this. Your cycling has improved incredibly quickly, I am having to constantly increase the resistance to get a training response! I can’t help think you should have been a cyclist!

It was awesome to hear that you feel better, more energetic and focused, with work, life, exercise etc.. keep bringing me good news like that!

Looking forward to another excellent week, where we shall begin to include a small range of functional exercises to go alongside the Milon Circuit.

Photos by Felix McCabe


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Alex is the founder of digital agency 93digital, the publisher of Marylebone Online.