Carousel – the Theatre of Food


The opening of the hotly anticipated permanent pop-up venue Carousel welcomes the arrival of a new dimension to London dining. As the name suggests, it offers a mouthwatering merry-go-round of food, but exhibits something far beyond just that.

The plan is an ambitious one – to not only change the menus, but the entire flavour of the restaurant in terms of design, music and performance every month.

Carousel it not just a fun-fair of fabulous food, but rather an event space which will play host to anything fun – plays, book launches, screenings, exhibitions, fashion shows and beyond. There is scope for everything thanks to professional lighting set up and a versatile layout; a vast basement, a bright and open ground floor, and a great-glass-elevator style upper level with floor-to-ceiling-windows on three sides.

What Carousel offers above anyone else in a capital where a Michelin star is almost a commodity, is three different, multi-sensory, no-holds barred experiences each month. Each floor is a showcase; both a circus for normal customers and a blank canvas for Londoners who wish to hire the venue who, with the Carousel team, have the power to make it completely their own.

Carousel is more that just a permanent pop-up space – the plan is to stay around for five years, and given Shuttlecock Inc.’s sky-high success at ‘Mile High’ it seems that this ‘pop-up’ could well throw longevity into its multifarious mix.

As a masterclass in creativity, innovation, imagination, and storytelling, we look forward to watching Carousel’s chapters unfold.

You can support Carousel on Kickstarter by clicking here.


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