French restaurant chain Côte secures Odin’s


Cote MaryleboneM&C Report announced this morning that French restaurant chain Côte has secured Odin’s Bar & Bistro, previously part of the Langan’s Brasserie brand.

The French bistro chain, backed by Richard Caring, already has 23 other sites across London, not to mention various other locations throughout the UK, including in Yorkshire, the Midlands & Wales.

At the start of 2009 the chain had only 8 locations, showing just how rapid their expansion has been. Côte already has locations that technically fall within Marylebone’s boundaries – one on Great Portland Street and one in St Christopher’s Place. Meanwhile other nearby locations include a restaurant on Fitrozvia’s Charlotte Street and another in Soho.

Odin’s Bar & Bistro first opened on Devonshire Street, just off Marylebone High Street, in 1972 as part of Peter Langan’s Langan’s Brasserie brand. Odin’s closed in March 2013, whilst Langan’s Brasserie remains open in its original Mayfair location.


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