Gail’s Bakery opens in Marylebone’s Portman Village


Artisan bakery Gail’s has opened for business on Marylebone’s Seymour Place, Portman Village.

Gail’s prides itself on good bread made with high quality ingredients, produced slowly by skilful bakers. Having opened their first location in Hampstead in 2005, Gail’s now has 17 locations across London.

Gail’s joins the line up of many great food and drink options in Portman Village and with a new fishmonger and restaurant soon to be opening, things look set to get even better.

Gail’s Bakery
4-6 Seymour Place


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  • Wendy Irving

    Can’t get enough of Gail’s, especially the cinnamon buns. And the granola. Okay, the cinnamon buns and granola. And the croissants. Right. So I can’t enough of the cinnamon buns, granola and croissants. And the olive bread.

    I’ll stop now.