Javier Rodriguez Pop-Up Launches Carousel in Marylebone


With the recent news that foodie nomads Shuttlecock Inc are soon opening their venue Carousel comes the announcement of their first pop-up guest.

Argentine chef, Javier Rodríguez (El Papagayo), will be taking on a 2 week long residency at the ground floor restaurant from 20-31 August 2014.

Born and raised in Santiago del Estero, Argentina, Javier’s rise to the top of his game can be attributed to three things: creativity, curiosity and itchy feet.

Rodríguez will be the first in an epic line up of international chefs that will be popping-up at Carousel, offering up dishes such as Smoked Pimentón and Roasted Pinenuts, Cow Fat Bread and Cock’s Comb Muesli.

If he can avoid being kidnapped by one of the capital’s top restaurants, Javier will return home in September to focus on the reopening of El Papagayo in Córdoba.

Tickets: £35pp
Booking: Click Here


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