The Juicery pop up at 108 Marylebone Lane


The JuiceryIn collaboration with 108 Marylebone Lane, innovative New York based The Juicery has popped up for the first time in the UK.

‘The Juicery’ will focus on creating made-to-order fresh juices that not only satisfy and nourish, but that taste great too – using only locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.

The 108 Marylebone Lane restaurant is located within The Marylebone Hotel and has recently undergone a rebrand of its own to focus more on local, seasonal ingredients. Garreth Walsh, General Manager of The Marylebone Hotel says, “We are all really excited to introduce ‘The Juicery’ to the local neighbourhood. We have been long standing advocates of using fresh, locally sourced seasonal produce. To compliment 108 Marylebone Lane’s focus on offering good, honest nutritional foods, we have teamed up with ‘The Juicery’ to promote healthy drink too.”

Exclusive to 108 Marylebone Lane – Amelia Freer, the Notting Hill based nutritional therapist and dietician responsible for Boy George’s dramatic weight loss earlier this year, has been enlisted to create a few bespoke recipes for the five-month pop up. Featuring on the menu are two of Freer’s recipes: ‘Graceful Green Juice’ and ‘Glowing Green Smoothie’.

Founder of ‘The Juicery’, Cindy Palusamy explains: “Healthy eating should not be about compromising on taste. We’ve worked with some leading experts in health and nutrition to come up with some great recipes, in the hope that people will see that juices and smoothies can taste great as well as being great for you. We’re excited to team up with 108 Marylebone Lane – Chef Ford has been a fantastic partner and we hope the neighbourhood will enjoy the new offering.”

The Juicery’ pop up will be open in 108 Marylebone Lane from 20th September 2013 – 31st January 2014. Open daily from 7am – 4pm, 108 Marylebone Lane & The Juicery will also be hosting a variety of talks and seminars by leading names in health and nutrition.

Mini Review

We visited 108 Marylebone Lane on Monday to take a look at the new offerings from The Juicery. We tasted a selection of smoothies and juices, a particular favourite being the Malted Milkshake by Dr Alejandro Junger – containing coconut water, almond butter, dates and vanilla protein, making it a perfect post workout shake.

With our minds in healthy mode, we decided to stick around for lunch and sample three different salads – a Kale Caesar salad with egg white dressing, a sweet potato salad with rocket, pomegranate, feta and cashew salad, as well as the Superfood salad containing a whole list of healthy ingredients that included: Feta, quinoa, edamame, sunflower seeds, beetroot, broccoli, lemon, mint, coriander, pomegranate dressing.

Worth noting is that unlike with many healthy eating options, the food and drinks at The Juicery actually taste good as well! Whilst 108 Marylebone Lane does not do take out, the items from The Juicery are available for take out for any of you fast moving Londoners on their way from the gym to work! We’re looking forward to tasting the wraps that also feature on the menu next time we visit!

More info: The Juicery


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