Marylebone Cocktail Competition – The Final


Marylebone CocktailsLast Wednesday saw the much anticipated final of the Marylebone Cocktail Competition. Having won the individual previous parts of the competition, the contestants were sent away to create yet two more cocktails – a long and a short, both with Babicka Vodka at their centre.

The competitors included Hardy’s Brasserie, The Larrik Pub and Reform Social & Grill.

The competition got off to a strong start with The Larrik’s Marcos creating two great cocktails, but running into difficulties with his foam topping to the long cocktail, the gelatin in which had become so hard after being stored in the fridge that it wouldn’t leave its canister.

Valerio Reform Social

James from Hardy’s Brasserie took things up a notch, proving he had done his research with 2 cocktails that were accompanied by what can only be described as a history lesson, as well as a magic trick to top things off. His take on the Martini went down well with the judges.

Finally Valerio from Reform Social & Grill (at the Mandeville Hotel) finished things off with two extremely well thought through mixes that had the judges very impressed.

After the scores were added up, Claudia from Babicka Vodka announced the winner – Valerio from Reform Social & Grill. Congratulations to Reform & Social and Valerio.


The winning cocktails:

Pumpicka Sour
15 ml lemon juice
25 ml pumpkin syrup
25 ml egg white
60 ml Babicka Vdoak
Garnished with a pumpkin crisp

Witch Concoction
10 ml balsamic apple vinegar
20 ml maple syrup
35 ml apple juice
60 ml Babicka Vodka
Garnished with apple and star anise



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