Questions raised over Moxon Street car park redevelopment


Westminster City Council yesterday announced that they have selected a joint venture between Marylebone based Ridgeford Properties and Canadian developer Concord Pacific as their preferred proposal for the redevelopment of the 1 acre Moxon Street car park site.

Questions are already being asked my local community members and business owners about the proposed redevelopment. Patricia Michelson, a Marylebone resident of many years and owner of La Fromagerie on Moxon Street has raised concerns over the developers’ plans, saying: “We have for the first time in 100 years the chance to build a new Square in Marylebone, and encapsulate all the new and ideal situations that work, play and live bring to a city.” Michelson adds: “I believed 12 years ago when I was approached by Howard de Walden, that Moxon Street and the Car Park could one day become an incredible gem in the heart of the city. This whole project should be for everyone who lives and works here to be involved – we have voices and we should be able to see what is going on before decisions are made.”

Having been selected from 230 companies that originally registered their interest for the site, the joint venture is estimated to have a gross development value of over £250 million.

Approached for comment by telephone this afternoon, Christopher Murray, managing director of Ridgeford Properties, said it was important to emphasise that it was early days. Murray said: “We look forward to working with the City of Westminster and the residents of Marylebone over the coming months and years” adding that their plans were “collaborative and inclusive” and that they were keen to consider the needs of local residents, businesses and organisations. Although he confirmed their proposal was ‘mixed use’, how this would be split was not certain as it was subject to planning. He added that for those with concerns regarding the Farmer’s Market, their proposal “almost revolved around the Farmers Market.”

As the planning process continues, it awaits to be seen how much say local residents and businesses will have in the redevelopment of the site.


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