Review: Love’s Pizza and Pasta


Italian Sausage and Rocket Pizza

iPads, James Street and pizza are three things which we didn’t necessarily think would work well when we went to Love’s last week. Although the iPad ordering system is a tad confusing, Love’s isn’t bad.

Half way down James Street it is perfectly located if you have had a little shop or need somewhere to pop into for lunch. It can be packed with tourists escaping Oxford Street and you can’t help but feel that sometimes everything on this bustling one way street is aimed at passers-by, rather than the well informed. It has an extensive Pizza, Pasta and Salad menu all ordered by iPad. The ordering system is a novelty but we weren’t entirely convinced if it added anything to our experience.

We tried some pizzas, a particular favourite being the Italian sausage with rocket. The great thing about this place is that you can order half of one type and half of another. You can tailor make your individual pasta order choosing everything down to how much Parmesan you want. Love’s is all about the options – it almost has too many!

It’s not going to blow you away, but it can definitely be recommended for a pizza (it does takeaway as well). Don’t get confused or put off by the iPads – it is a gimmick disguising some fairly good Italian grub.


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