In Profile: Moose X-Training founders Nick & Manya


We’re in profile with the co-creators of Moose X-Training, Manya and Nick, to find out more about innovative personal training solution: The Moose. The Moose have a special Marylebone Mania offer available just to our readers.

What is the The Moose?

Nick: Moose X-Training is a boutique fitness company that recently celebrated two years on the London scene. The MOOSE offers a unique, fun and friendly approach to fitness. There are no membership fees, no crowded changing rooms and no sweaty studios. Moose X-Training specialises in personal training at home, in the park and group training at the office. It’s fitness where you want it, when you want it… the MOOSE comes to you!

Manya: We’re fitness for people who don’t like fitness! Moose X-Training focuses on convenience and affordability. Having a personal trainer, whether privately or semi-privately, is the key to maintaining the commitment to fitness for those of us who aren’t naturally fitness-inclined. With a standing appointment with a MOOSE trainer, exercise becomes incorporated into your life with minimum time commitment and maximum results. Having a PT Session with the MOOSE booked makes all the difference.

What inspired you to start The Moose?

Manya: Nick and I created the concept of Moose X-Training for people like me. I used to work in the City, with a busy lifestyle I spent too much time in the office and claimed it was too hard to find the time to go the gym! In fact, I just lacked the motivation.

In the fall of 2010, I decided to take back control. I was sick to death of the gym fees which went to waste month after month. I decided to get a personal trainer… not just any personal trainer, but a personal trainer that would come to my home. And, so I signed up with Nick.

From that point on, Nick was on my doorstep every Monday and Wednesday at 8pm. From the comfort of my own home I was immersed in planks, lunges, squats, kettle bells, you name it! By 9pm, I was on the couch with a glass of wine in hand.
By hiring Nick, I had managed to incorporate a regular fitness regime into my lifestyle.

Nick and I believed that personal training was the solution for so many other busy people. In the fall of 2012, Nick and I teamed up to found Moose X-Training, and the rest is history…or so we hope!

What makes you different from other personal trainers?

Nick: I think its our focus on monitoring progress that really differentiates us. The MOOSE believes that progress should actually be assessed by seeing how well clients have maintained a fitness regime over time. So the goal is to keep clients showing up, doing the work and keeping fit over the long-term… keeping it manageable and realistic.

Manya: Moose X-Training offers clients the legitimacy, credibility and accountability that is rarely found in the fragmented personal training industry, not to mention a dedicated customer service team. 

All of our trainers are CRB checked, have first aid certificates, are REPS Level 3, and are fully insured. Moose X-Training, guarantees that the professionals clients contracted to meet at home or at the park are qualified and registered professionals.

Oh, and our hours are extensive. Want to work out at 6am on a Monday? No problem. Wednesday at 8pm? Cool. It’s like we keep saying: It’s fitness where you want it, when you want it.

What training options do you offer?

Nick: We do it all! Circuit training, (kick)boxing, pre/postnatal fitness, core strength, weight loss, TRX, yoga, nutrition… you name it! We also cater to a wide range of clientele: individuals wanting to get fit, couples spending time together while getting fit, friends enjoying the social benefits of exercising together, even corporate groups working out together.

Our semi-private option, the HYBRID, has become really popular amongst small groups. You agree a time and a place with a minimum of 5 friends and book a training session for your very own customised group. It’s the convenience of personal training for the price of a group class, only £10/head.

Manya: In addition to group training, kids fitness has really started taking off recently. More and more parents are recognizing that it is easier to help your child develop the foundation for a healthy lifestyle while he or she is still young. Furthermore, the benefits of fitness are not only physiological; the psychological advantages are arguably even more important!

What’s the hardest part of the job?

Nick: Being the Director, I put a lot of pressure on myself to make sure clients receive the best customer service and see the results they crave. Happy clients make all that stress worth it, though. Even if I’m not training a client or preparing a fitness programme, I am thinking about Moose X-Training…

Manya: There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything!!

Do you spend much time around Marylebone? Where?

Nick: If I’m not jogging through Regents Park or training a client, I’m usually treating myself to a burger. I’m a big fan of Tommi’s Burger Joint. And, The Grazing Goat is my local. With more and more burger options popping up around here, I’ll be here even more often!

Manya: I hardly ever leave Marylebone these days! Without a doubt, this is the best place to live in London. I love the neighbourhood feel, the amazing high street that just gets better and better. Some of my favourite spots include the Il Baretto, Fischer’s, and Amanzi. The Ginger Pig is amazing; Daunt Books is fabulous. To destress, I frequent Chi Yu Wellness Centre. I’m a regular at the Sunday Farmer’s Market. These days, however, I spend an awful lot of time in Paddington Gardens with my little boy, Charlie, and my mini dachshund, Lucy.


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