Aesop open in Marylebone


Aesop Marylebone High Street

Australian founded beauty brand Aesop have opened a new London signature store on Marylebone High Street, home to their luxury skin, hair and body products.

The new store is the result of a collaboration between London and Paris based architects Studio KO who helped to create Aesop a space that incorporates elements of the local streetscape and urban history whilst maintaining the building’s originality – aspects such as hidden windows, a fireplace and coal stores that were all revealed during excavations.

Close to the entrance, a moulded raw concrete basin greets visitors as they arrive; to the left, a stairwell descends into a cellar storeroom, and shelves crafted from pear wood line the brick wall. Their ladder-like configuration suggests a refined scaffold, and contrasts with the saturated matte musk-toned pigment that’s been applied to the brick walls.

Studio KO also happen to be working on the much anticipated Chiltern Street hotel to be opened by hotelier Andre Balazs in 2014.


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