The Devil’s Cabinet by George Morton Clark


We speak to George Morton Clark, an artist whose latest exhibition at Marylebone’s Imitate Modern gallery aims to question the state of humanity today…

Tell us about yourself

I grew up in London where there was and is so much art at your finger tips. My mum always took me and my brothers to gallery shows, which was definitely a great eye opener for me. I actually studied animation for my degree along with an art foundation. I realised there was nothing in animation for me so I carried on painting which I had started from a young age. Being an artist seemed so unattainable then. I started to get noticed though and saw my peers making a living out of it, so it carried on from there. I also could not do any other job – I’ve been fired from every other job!

What is the inspiration behind this exhibition?

The inspiration is quite a few things but to narrow it down it’s about the anxiety the world is in at the moment. The outer pressures we all deal with and the state of humanity at the moment. We all have our vices and we all try to stay clear of them, for some it is harder then others.

Would you say you are presenting a challenge to the viewer of your work?

I would say that a lot of but not all my work is sometimes uncomfortable to look at. To me it is not. This is how I see the world so maybe I am a complete product of my environment and de-sensitised? I understand if some people think that my work is a little ‘strong’ but also there are people who don’t. I would rather not have a reaction like ‘oh thats nice’ – you know, the type of thing you say in a furniture shop! One man’s pleasure is another man’s pain.

What has your experience of exhibiting in Marylebone been like? Had you been to area before? Any favourites?

It’s been wonderful working with Beautiful Crime, who have been hugely supportive and brought my work to Imitate Modern in Devonshire Street, with whom they are co-producing my show. Both art companies are very professional and experienced art dealers, so I knew I’d be in safe hands.

I have been to Marylebone very rarely throughout my life in London but I love it! It is like a little village in the centre of town. I will definitely make a bee line for it in the future. The Prince Regent has to be my favourite pub and I was there with my dad recently and we had an amazing brunch at Coco Momo.

What are you going to be working on next?

Tomorrow I start work on cleaning my studio! I have not painted for about a month as have been busy with the show. I will start a large painting for a group show at the beginning of April. I am very much looking forward to getting back to putting paint on canvas!

The Devil’s Cabinet is running until 22nd March at Imitate Modern, 27a Devonshire Street, W1G 6PN. In conjunction with Beautiful Crime.

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