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After 6 full weeks of training with Richard in the Milon Studio at Harley Street’s Centre for Health & Human Performance , I’m finally there! I’m wary of summarising again just how great I feel as a result of being so much fitter – the benefits are endless. It’s fair to say I’ve had to work hard, but without the team at CHHP behind me I really would not have known where to begin.

I’m noticeably fitter and definitely feel more energetic day to day. I didn’t think I even had it on me to lose, but I’m nearly 2 belt buckles down – in particular the fat around my stomach has really dropped off thanks to the high intensity nature of the exercise. The body composition scan I did afterwards showed I nearly halved my body fat percentage over the 6 weeks – it’s now just under 5%. My visceral fat (the important one – the fat that sits around the organs) also decreased dramatically.

I finished my course with another cardio pulmonary exercise test and the results are really great. The beauty of CHHP is how analytical everything is – you can see gains and feel better, but you can also have it all backed up on paper – there is an image of my report above for the geeks amongst you, but I’ll leave the summary to Richard below.

All in all I can’t recommend my experience at CHHP enough – from the friendly faces to the unbelievable levels of expertise, CHHP offer a completely bespoke solution that will allow anyone to achieve their goals. I highly recommend you get in touch in the New Year for a trial and a look around the facilities!

Richard Solomon CHHPHere’s a summary from trainer Richard:

The final phase of the program, besides the Milon training, is the CPET (Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Test), which saw Alex evaluated once again to quantify exactly how great the physiological improvements have been since the beginning. As we were predicting at approximately the halfway stage of the program, Alex has seen huge improvements in his overall aerobic capacity. From the follow up CPET report, we also see how Alex is able to tolerate higher resistances on the bike before he reaches Anaerobic Threshold (AT) – a 25% increase pre to post training, which is a huge leap in 6 weeks. AT is simply the point at which our body is producing lactic acid at a faster rate than it can be re-synthesised. Alex also showed a marked improvement in overall oxygen consumption, up by 14% pre to post training.

From a different perspective, the weights for all exercises have increased from the beginning by a staggering 60%, averaging just under 5 tonnes of weight moved every session, which by the end, interspersed with high intensity functional training, is VERY commendable!

On top of all this some of the elements we cannot unfortunately quantify are improvements with day to day energy levels, posture and physique, which I hope translates into confidence on the piste!

All of this simply means we can now train at higher intensities for longer, as the body adapts to increasing training loads, which is one of the core principles of training – progression – with any training program there must be progression and adaptation. Aimlessly attempting the same routine at the gym can be time wasting and inefficient. Regardless of increases in weight or intensity, there are always alternative versions of the same exercise to make even the simplest action more of a challenge!

Best of luck to all those who make a change to their exercise routine in 2014, and please do not hesitate to contact us at CHHP with any enquiries!


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