Exhibition Series: Contemporary British Painting


The St Marylebone Parish Church is launching a new and exciting monthly exhibition focused on Contemporary British Painting.

The project will have successive artist-to-artist interviews that will make up the body of the text of a new book under the same name. Held in the crypt of the Church, each artist will be selected by one simple mantra, they must live by painting.

The aim is to select artists who are part of an emerging 21st Century school of British Painters, focusing on the singular nature of their medium.

The exhibitions are being curated by Robert Priseman who is well known for tackling some of the biggest topics through his own work. He was much lauded for his series of painting entitled ‘Nazi Gas Chambers: From Memory to History’, with the work being described by art historian Peter Vergo as showing the “tension between the beauty of depiction and the horror that resides in the subject-matter, a jarring disjunction between knowledge and memory on the one hand and, on the other, our own perceptions of the here-and-now.”

The next exhibition will feature the work of artist Harvey Taylor between 4th and 29th May.

For more information about the upcoming series visit the St Marylebone Parish Church website.

Image credit: Harvey Taylor.


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