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jonJon Denoris is an elite personal trainer and the go-to guy for many top celebrities and businessmen.

He is also the owner of private fitness studio Club 51, in Marylebone Village’s New Cavendish Street.

Tell me about your exclusive fitness studio in central London

I wanted to create a space where I could enable clients in their quest towards long-term, positive changes in health behaviours. The fitness industry is better at “short term” fixes rather than the “Coaching” model that I follow, we fuse conditioning with coaching techniques.

Club 51 is designed to offer a unique approach to health, fitness and rehabilitation; Our private studio offers a calm, relaxed and natural training space for bespoke one-to-one coaching. Due to the location, we are particularly well placed to work with consultants and physicians and rehabilitating clients also.

Top five tips for business travellers to keep fit and stress free?

  1. As an example, a lunchtime flight from London means it’s already past dinner time in Tokyo. Once you’ve taken off, change your watch over to Tokyo time. This will help you to adjust psychologically to the new location.
  2. As tempting as it might be, refrain from alcohol as it will disturb your sleep patterns and dehydrate you. I recommend using a face mask, closing the windows and trying to sleep. Eat a carbohydrate-based meal, to help induce sleep such as pasta, rice or bread (wholewheat/grain variety).
  3. When waking up, you need to quickly adjust to your new time zone. This can be done by choosing a protein-based breakfast boiled or poached eggs, grilled bacon & or yogurt with your own nuts and seeds sprinkled on. If you are used to caffeine this is one of the few times I recommend it. Try to get as much sunlight as quickly as possible. Walk around in the light to help trick your body into believing it is in the ideal state for morning.
  4. Research has shown that a thirty-minute bout of exercise as soon as possible in the new time zone helps the body to adjust. If this is not practical, a short walk outside is very useful.
  5. Stay well hydrated. I always take my own litre bottle on board and ask the staff to refill it. I also always chose a Special Request meal, usually the low fat, low sodium version – they are usually much nicer then the regular choices. Of course if you are going 1st class, you can get exactly what you require!

Simplest exercise techniques that can be done when travelling?

I love walking; so many business people travel and complain that they don’t get a chance to see the cities they are in, yet say they worked out in the gym for an hour – why not go for a 40 minute walk round the city taking in the sights on your way.

What’s the most common health issues you’ve come across with business persons?

Without doubt it’s losing weight quickly and keeping it off, that’s our speciality! Recently we are getting many requests for advice on managing stress and increasing energy levels as well.

How do your one-to-one sessions differ from the standard gyms?

It’s more about our approach really, we are evidence based and use cutting edge exercise and nutrition strategies targeted solely towards business people, sportspeople and the entertainment world.

What’s the most ideal and healthy route to losing weight and toning?

Without doubt a long-term approach is best; recommended guidelines suggest 1-2lbs per week as a safe rate of weight loss, combined with the right nutrition strategy for you. Of course sometimes working with high profile people they need to lose weight much more quickly, say for a particular screen role – the skill is in helping them achieve these short term goals within the framework of a healthy lifestyle. This is where the experienced Personal trainer earns his pay, get it wrong and the whole production can get put back.

What has been your biggest success as a personal trainer?

Being nominated into the top 3 Personal Trainers worldwide, three years running by IDEA (an amazing US based fitness organisation) is great recognition. Ultimately my success comes through my clients, however. When they achieve their goals this gives me great pleasure, and to a large degree this is how I judge my own success.

What celebrities have you worked with? Who was the most difficult who was the most proactive and who achieved the biggest results?

I have worked with many “celebrity” clients and I once worked with a US actress who kept me waiting 5 hours for a session in the Ritz, I charged her for the whole time and definitely got my own back during the session!!! That must be the most I’ve ever earned for a one off session, but I was a lot younger and would never do that again.

Apparently affluent businessmen are now taking health/fitness more seriously, why do you think this is so?

Businessmen and women are taking their health much more seriously as globally, rates of diabetes, overweight & obesity are at “pandemic” levels (WHO). I believe a growing awareness of these issues is leading this new approach to a healthier lifestyle.

Do workout options differ for men and women? Explain

Yes of course! All my programmes are individualised, but there are key differences in terms of training techniques and nutrition. At the end of the day most people are looking to drop body fat and increase their all important lean body mass, as quickly and safely as possible, but the specific choices of movement patterns and programme design differ dramatically. Again, what separates the most successful coaches is their ability balancing aesthetic fitness goals with long term functional movement and health.

What fitness regime is best to improve overall fitness?

One that includes elements from each of the “four pillars of fitness”. These are Strength Training, Cardiovascular Conditioning, Healthy Nutrition & Adequate Restoration and Recovery.

What is the easiest exercise regime to keep when on holiday?

When on holiday, I always suggest not being too ambitious, it’s a time for fitness maintenance rather than trying to make great gains. Relax and enjoy your rest, staying fit and healthy is a life long pursuit.

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