5 Valentine’s Day recommendations in Marylebone


Here’s our 5 Valentine’s recommendations to help your day of romance run smoothly. If you don’t buy into the conspiring consumerism of February 14th, at least you can enjoy your day of bitterness and resentment safe in the knowledge that we’re supporting local businesses…

1. The Chocolate – would it be Valentine’s Day without it?

The only place for chocolate in Marylebone is Rococo Chocolates. With themed products such as Hot Lips Chilli Truffles & Red Lips (£14.95) and for the adventurous, dare I say risqué, customer there’s the delightfully named Venus Nipples & Lips (£14.95). It is a little known fact that the father of existentialism, Mr. Sartre, upon first meeting Simone de Beauvoir presented her with a box of sexually suggestive chocolates; a gesture she later referred to as the foundation of their happy marriage…

More: rococochocolates.com

2. The Gift – but which one?

Personally we think underwear buying is best left to the person who will be wearing it…

Instead why not go for something thoughtful and a little bit different. Aurora Living presents The Red Willow Bag, modestly priced at £59.50, the multi-function cross body bag is made from soft leather with gold metal finishes and comes in 5 different colours. To go that extra mile the bag can be personalised with laser engraving.

More: aurora-living.co.uk

3. The Flowers – Roses or No Roses?

Are you a traditional Casanova and only roses will do? Or are you a maverick, giving your love tulips because you remember her mentioning her mum’s cousin’s aunt is half Dutch? Am I guilty of anti-Valentine’s Day sedition by even suggesting a floral substitute for the eternally heart-melting bunch of roses? Am I using unnecessarily obscure words to make this article reflect the poeticism of Valentines Day?

Regardless of where you find yourself on the roses debate, Titanias Garden on Crawford Street will cater for your all your floral needs. Their bouquets range from the luxurious to the extravagant but prices start at a modest £35, whilst a dozen long stemmed roses will set you back £40.

More: titaniasgarden.co.uk

4. The Dinner – Suggestion 1 – FishWorks

It’s all gone well, the gifts have been well received, but now its time for the dinner. The make or break. Will the evening end in ecstasy, or agony?
We all know the urban legend that promotes the virtues of Oysters in preparation for a night of passion, do they work? The question is, does it matter? FishWorks oyster’s are delicious and the impressive shellfish platters, chilled champagne, fresh, sustainable and healthy seafood are guaranteed to set your night off on the right foot… because who doesn’t find sustainable produce mildly arousing?

Add in FishWork’s special Valentine’s offer and book your table between 4pm – 6pm to enjoy a complimentary dessert to share when having two courses!

Book: fishworks.co.uk (and don’t forget to mention the offer when booking)

5. The Dinner – Suggestion 2 – 108 Brasserie

Prosecco and Oysters on arrival, lobster and caviar to start, and a cheese course to finish. If there were a tried and tested culinary formula to impress then no doubt all of these would feature. Executive Chef Russell Ford’s Valentine’s Menu is exceptionally well chosen, and we have no doubt the delivery will be perfect. This one’s priced at £60 per person.

More: 108brasserie.com


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