Week 2: Editor’s Fitness Challenge



The week 2 update of editor Alex’s 6 week fitness challenge at Harley Street’s Centre for Health and Human Performance (CHHP).

Last week was the second week of the challenge and my first full week of 3 sessions.

I’m now fairly comfortable with the kit and know what to expect, although each session is a little different as Richard is always changing things slightly – whether it be the number of repetitions, the weights of the machines or the amount of rest between each stage in the Milon circuit.

It’s fair to say I feel like I’ve worked hard at the end of each session – what I still find amazing is how quickly I reach the stage where I feel like I’m working hard. No more than 10 minutes into each session I definitely start to feel pretty worn out – whether it be the burn in the legs or just being out of breath on the bike – it would usually take me an hour to feel like this if I was on my own in a normal gym. Although it’s tough, I love how fast it is – I don’t have time to spend hours in a gym and I much prefer a short but intense session that a long and slow one.

It’s strange to say already after just 2 weeks, but I feel like my energy levels have definitely increased day to day – it doesn’t make any sense to me considering how hard I’m working in each session, but for whatever reason they’re actually giving more more energy, not taking it away! Let’s hope that continues!

Richard Solomon CHHPHere’s an update from trainer Richard:

Again, a really positive week of training. This time with 3 full sessions and some gradual increases in intensity and workload across the board. After 5 sessions in total, we have seen a large increase from 4000kgs to just over 7500kgs in the overall weight lifted, which although is to be expected to a certain degree, you have adapted very well, upping your effort levels each time. From a cardiovascular perspective, the resistance is up to 200watts on the bike, above the original recommended training level (197watts) suggested by the CPET test results, to which you have responded comfortably.

Photos by Felix McCabe


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