Week 4: Editor’s Fitness Challenge



Week 4 update of editor Alex’s fitness challenge at Harley Street’s Centre for Health and Human Performance (CHHP).

It’s been another great week of fast progress in the Milon Studio at CHHP this week. Things have been stepped up yet again on the bike, with the resistance going up to 210 watts, 15 watts more from where we started at 195 watts. I’m definitely worn out and feeling the burn in my thighs after a full 4 minutes of pedalling, but somehow I’m still able to make it through! We’re starting to think I might have a career as a professional cyclist in me…

Richard has also started to incorporate a range of functional exercises into each session as well as the Milon equipment. Using a TRX suspension trainer as well as exercises such as squats, planks, push-ups all combined in different ways. It’s fair to say that after a tough circuit around the Milon equipment on Friday, the exercises at the end made sure I slept well that night.

I’m amazed at my energy levels in general still – I feel as though I can get so much more done in a day and I’m starting to see a bit of a difference appearance wise too. I’ve noticed a bit of a drop in body fat – particularly around my lower torso. It’s only been 4 weeks but there might even be signs of abdominal muscles making an appearance… I can assure you they have been missing in action for a few years!

Richard Solomon CHHPHere’s an update from trainer Richard:

Firstly, great work again this week, especially with the cycling/cardio aspect of the training, which has consistently become tougher each week. I’m intrigued to see exactly what your limit could be! Slightly modified approach this week including some tougher functional bodyweight exercises (Squats, Plank-to-pressup switches etc), and some sports specific exercises (Box Jump plyometrics), which will help overall leg strength. Going forward we will really focus on honing these exercise techniques before modifying the program further.

Great to hear your feedback in regards to your strength increases and how it is slightly easier to control the weights, which would seem to be as a result of the speed at which you are recovering between sessions.

Photos by Felix McCabe


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