Week 5: Editor’s Fitness Challenge



Week 5 update of editor Alex’s fitness challenge at Harley Street’s Centre for Health and Human Performance (CHHP).

It’s getting hard to believe we’re already 5 weeks (4 full weeks) into my time at CHHP. Equally as hard to believe is just how quickly I’m feeling the improvements. I thought the benefits of feeling good might eventually reach a limit but week by week I feel fitter, not to mention how much easier it makes day to day life.

We’ve continued to push forward on the bike with Wednesday now being the tough cardio day, whilst Friday is the big push thanks to Richard’s theory that I have an extra day to recover over the weekend! Each session this week has had a varying amount of intensity – sometimes I do 15 repetitions on each piece of Milon equipment, sometimes I spend a minute on each machine and sometimes I have to move through them as fast as possible with varying amounts of rest between each. It’s intense, but it definitely feels like the most rewarding way of exercising.

A particular highlight of the week was a guest having a look around the Milon Studio during one of my sessions whilst I was on the exercise bike and asking me if I was an athlete! 5 weeks in and to the untrained eye I look like a professional athlete – what more can I ask for?!

Richard Solomon CHHPHere’s an update from trainer Richard:

Week 5 produced some excellent results again with the general intensity increasing across the board. Within the three sessions we toyed a bit with the overall speed of movement and the rest periods between each exercise. By doing this we can control exactly how intense the session is and how long the session actually lasts.

Focused exercise and intensity are key to unlocking your fitness potential, and can actually save you a lot of time (and money!), which is one of the reasons we are seeing a gradual industry shift towards high intensity exercise (You may have heard of words like HIIT or TABATA bandied around). No time is wasted, and the results speak for themselves. You can leave the book and the phone at home, there will be no time for that!

The Milon equipment itself delivers a highly effective and efficient form of HIIT, when stood alone produces exceptional results in a safe manner, but when combined with ongoing nutritional, medical and sports performance input from world leading experts, can have dramatic, long-lasting, positive lifestyle changes for every CHHP client.

Photos by Felix McCabe


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