Week 6: Editor’s Fitness Challenge


The update from Week 6 of editor Alex’s fitness challenge at Harley Street’s Centre for Health and Human Performance (CHHP).

My penultimate week at CHHP absolutely flew by. I was on the go a lot last week and was a little concerned that three intense sessions might leave me wanting to spend the whole weekend in bed, but once again I really feel like the added energy I have from my sessions at CHHP has helped keep me moving enormously. This is also the time of year where I’m prone to suffering from some form of frustrating winter illness, but touch wood my immune system is doing its job – I’m sure helped by my exercise routine.

This week was definitely all about intensity with tough bursts of exercise that kept the sessions short but the intensity very high! It all culminated in Friday’s session which was without a doubt the toughest so far! I had no rest between each exercise and the Milon equipment was combined with a range of functional exercises – the last of which were press ups done until failure that left me collapsed on the mat for a good few minutes!

We can see from the data on the computer that the weights I’m lifting on the machines are over 60% higher than when I started at CHHP just 6 full weeks ago which is a really positive gain. I’m looking forward to seeing the final results of another CPEX test and body composition analysis once I’m finished!

Richard Solomon CHHPHere’s an update from trainer Richard:

This week we had a different agenda – intensity and fatigue. We used all the information from the training up to this point as a guide, but really we wanted to test exactly how far you had pushed yourself and improved in these past few weeks, meaning the weights were really jacked up and resistance was distinctly heavier for the cardio. We aimed for a shorter session overall, much shorter bursts of exercise (sets of 12, and rounds of 2 minutes on the bike), with very little rest in between. A lot of the main Milon exercises were complimented with similar style Bodyweight exercises in order to squeeze those last few reps out, for example, the chest press would be concluded with press ups to failure.
Following on from what I mentioned last week about HIIT type exercise, it really is the intensity of the exercises and the reduction of rest periods during exercise which will allow the body to set the adaptation process in motion. Of course nutrition and rest also play vital roles here, but from a purely exercise point of view, HIIT type training is a great way to sharpen up your sessions and push through any plateaus in your performance.


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