The Wonderpass – a new kind of cultural crossing


The Marylebone Road’s once bleak pedestrian underpass has been transformed into an intriguing Wonderpass. Gone are the dingy walls and unreliable lighting: in its place is an engaging cultural walkway, offering pedestrians an enlightening way to cross the road.

Part optical illusion, part local encyclopedia, part gallery, The Wonderpass introduces a new kind of urban crossing – one that actually encourages lingering en route. The walk-through experience includes five Cabinets of Wonder. Each invites the passer-by to peek inside to learn about Baker Street’s rich cultural history and has been designed in partnership with a local cultural attraction.

The Wonderpass has been commissioned by the Baker Street Quarter Partnership and funded by Transport for London and Westminster City Council through the Bryanston & Dorset, Marylebone High Street and Regent’s Park Ward contributions. Penny Alexander, Chief Executive of the Baker Street Quarter Partnership, says “The Wonderpass provides the magnificent fanfare welcome this area deserves celebrating its fascinating past and showcasing our great attractions.”

We’re big fans of the Wonderpass – make sure to check it out soon!


About Author

Alex is the founder of digital agency 93digital, the publisher of Marylebone Online.