Coffee Shop Review: Nordic Bakery


It must be one of Marylebone’s coolest cafes, but the Nordic Bakery is far more than just that. It’s under decorated with cement walls and simple benches – some might describe it as a little sterile. A solitary rug hangs on one wall. The utilitarian definitely prevails.

Sitting inside the dimly lit cafe, you could be a character in a Scandinavian crime thriller waiting for a secret drop off. There is nothing utilitarian about the coffee though – in our opinion it wasn’t award winning, but it kept the team working away through the afternoon rain.


Based on New Cavendish Street we were drenched by the Great British summer by the time we arrived. The coffee was good, but the food options at the Nordic Bakery are great. A quick cappuccino and a sweet and sticky cinnamon bun (a guilt run will be happening tomorrow morning) and the team were ready to face the drenching trip home. The same culprit who ate the cinnamon bun also managed to sneak a rye bread sandwich for an afternoon snack, also receiving a strong review.

The Nordic Bakery is definitely worth a visit, if not for its unique atmosphere alone. It’s not a place to be in a hurry and to fully appreciate the experience you have got to order some food! Don’t stay too long or before you know it many a cinnamon bun might have been consumed…

Address: 37b New Cavendish Street, Marylebone, London, W1G 8JR
Website: Nordic Bakery

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