Coffee Shop Review: The Monocle Cafe


Wire rim glasses, chunky knits and a pair of doc martins shouldn’t put you off, the regulars in this place are by definition a pretty cool bunch. The Monocle group has many different tentacles; a magazine, film, a shop and a café (the important bit for us). photo-9

The café , much like the magazine, is a well thought through and niche venture. Opening on Chiltern Street in April 2013, the interior of the shop was designed by Yoshi Takagi, the senior designer at the magazine. With endless copies of Monocle magazine and some high quality coffee it’s a great place to relax, recaffeinate and read.

The coffee is ordered on iPads and served by some chaps with well trimmed beards and confident charm. The fresh pressed coffee is smooth, although a takeaway cappuccino was a little foamy. Worth pointing out is that this is not Marylebone’s cheapest coffee, but you’re paying for a café experience closely connected to the magazine’s lifestyle concept. We’ll let you be the judge.

Personally we’re a fan! It is easy to poke a bit of fun at the concept but the place is busy (you could end up waiting a few minutes at peak times) and the coffee is good. It definitely appeals to a young, creative and techy crowd. Maybe we just like to think that’s us.

Address: 18 Chiltern St London, Greater London W1U 7NT
Website: Monocle Café

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Words: Rory Manley


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