Coffee Shop Review: Borough Barista


We all are susceptible to that Monday morning feeling, and if you are anything like the team at Marylebone London coffee is the right medicine! So starting this week we will be having our weekly coffee shop recommendation.

This week we have chosen a real favourite of ours: Borough Barista on Seymour Street. This little place sits on the corner of Seymour Place, just behind Marble Arch. It has managed to combine both a simple and a community vibe. Businessman and mothers sit chatting away inside and out. You can happily have a chat, read the paper, have a meeting or just chill outside.

borough barista 2

The Cappuccinos are really good, not too frothy and not too milky (it is not the kind of place where you need an extra shot at!). We all have our favourites on the pastry front, but for me the gooey chocolate chip cookie is where it is at! If you are being healthy (boring) they also do salads.

So for this week hit the Borough Barista, for all us early risers it is open from 7am. Enjoy!

borough barista 1

This morning – Cappuccino and a half devoured chocolate chip cookie

Address: 60a Seymour Street, Marylebone, W1H 7JN
Website: Borough Barista
Telephone: 020 75637222

Words by Rory Manley


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