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Daisy GreenThe team popped into Daisy Green at the end of last week. If we are being honest, the frozen yoghurt rather than the coffee drew us in this time.

The frozen yoghurt is renowned for being freshly delivered from Wales to Marylebone, whilst then making it to you in style on various different bikes, carts and vans. If you haven’t seen one of the Daisy Green fleet I only have one question, where have you been? With a range of different toppings available, you are bound to find a fro-yo to suit your mood!

Daisy Green

Using Monmouth Coffee beans it really should have come as no surprise that the artisan coffee (named ‘Beany Green’) was up to par with the yoghurt! Rich, smooth and in a proper sized cup, our cappuccinos hit the spot. Although we felt they could have been just a tiny bit hotter when first handed to us, it turns out after a bit of research that they serve their milk at 70 degrees celsius to maintain its flavour and sweetness. Coffee making genius! We also tucked into some homemade banana bread; once you have tried this you are guaranteed to go back.

Overall on the coffee front, Daisy’s is well worth getting a caffeine fix from. It is a nice place to sit and enjoy the farm themed interior – it felt a bit like sitting inside a giant packet of Percy Pigs! The yoghurt and cakes are definitely the draw for us, but the coffee ‘ain’t bad’ either!

Address : 20 Seymour Street, Marylebone, W1H 7HX
Website: Daisy Green

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