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Yes, I know how it looks – another burger review.

The fact is that having visited Marylebone burger gods Meat Liquor, followed by the more recent Patty & Bun, our visit to BBQWhiskyBeer was actually a breath of fresh air amongst the ‘burgeritis’ that seems to be spreading like the plague across London – dramatic it may sound, but very real is the threat of burgers being the only food item left on menus throughout our capital. Again I joke, but it really does feel like another burger place opens every week.

Where was I? BBQWhiskyBeer is technically a pop-up that has been on the move around London. Whilst still attending some of London’s finest foodie markets and previously calling Shepherds Bush ‘home’, it has settled for the time being in Marylebone – more specifically at a pub called the Wargrave Arms in Brendon Street, North Western Marylebone.

Having visited nearly every new burger joint in London over the last couple of years, my initial reaction to hearing that BBQWhiskyBeer was inside a pub had me mildly concerned. The interiors and the resulting atmosphere they create are at the heart of many a first class burger bar – would being in a pub be quite the same?

BBQ Whisky Beer Burger

The BBQ Pulled Pork

The answer made simple is yes – in fact it was a refreshing change. Forget about the noisy, cramped and hard-to-breathe-grease-filled atmosphere’s of some of Marylebone’s aforementioned burger bars – BBQWhiskyBeer offers a relaxed and airy dining environment with all the friendliness of having a pint at your local. With a combination of some high tables and chairs mixed with lower tables that feel like you could be sitting around in somebody’s living room, the bottom line is that eating in the pub was a pleasure. Added to the convenience of multiple beer taps within reaching distance along with a whisky collection above the bar that would have had Johnnie Walker himself weak at the knees and it’s an all in all winning combo.

The various meat heavy options are listed in chalk on blackboards next to the bar. Not often seen on the menu at other burger servers are the ribs, an apparent favourite with BBQWhiskyBeer regulars. Between my company and I we had one cheeseburger and one BBQ Pulled Pork along with a portion of chips. Although some might describe the portion of chips as ‘small’, they were super tasty, crispy, chunky chips – the best kind of chips, and in fact the size meant they didn’t at all draw away from the quality of the burger which is always a good thing.

The burger’s were extremely well cooked (a bit of pink visible in the middle) and extremely flavoursome. As if flavour was in some way lacking, the BBQ flavoured pulled pork on top was soft and tasty, creating a mouth watering tower of a burger all wrapped up in a toasted sesame seed bun. It became slightly structurally unstable at various points throughout the eating process but, hey – it’s part of the fun.

BBQWhiskyBeer has taken my burger crown for best atmosphere, as well as providing a damn good burger too. In my opinion there are few better other places in Marylebone to spend an evening of quality food and equally as impressive whisky, with a few pints in between – this is definitely near the top of my Friday after work list!


40-42 Brendon Street

Nearest Tube: Edgware Road/Marylebone

Phone: 020 7723 0559
On Facebook: BBQWhiskyBeer
On Twitter: @BBQWhiskyBeer

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