Review: Boxcar Butcher & Grill


Located on one of the prettiest streets of Marylebone, Boxcar Butcher & Grill opened its doors at the end of 2017 at 23 New Quebec Street, in Marylebone’s Portman Village.

As we entered, we were greeted with a warm welcome that made us feel at ease right away. The restaurant has a very intimate atmosphere with a low warm lighting, dark navy blue tiles on the walls and beautifully designed chairs and tables made of marble, wood and bronze steel. This well thought out combination of natural elements in the decor makes the overall atmosphere warm and laid back. This definitely feels like a place to enjoy a flavourful meal with your family and friends.

On the left-hand side the butcher’s area proudly shows the available fresh cuts that day. Boxcar cares deeply for the ingredients of their dishes, putting the quality and freshness before anything else. They carefully select each product and ensure to only serve a premium selection of ethically reared produce from British Farms, who share their value for proper animal welfare.

Boxcar’s respect for the food they serve is reflected in the quality of their dishes, leaving out the superfluous and letting the food speak for itself. You won’t find your meat floating in a soup of sauce, but what you will find is a beautifully grilled meat with an amazing flavour not requiring any sides to make it shine.

We began the meal by ordering the ‘butcher’s board’ as a starter, which consists of salt beef brisket, lamb scrumpet accompanied by tartar sauce, pullet scotch egg, and honey mustard ham hock. This was a perfect start to the meal full of rich flavours and a real showcase of what Boxcar does best.

Butchers Board Boxcar

Moving on to the mains, we tried the Boxcar Burger, with a 45-days aged rare breed beef burger served in a brioche bun. Both juicy and tasty, this one would certainly make it on to a shortlist of Marylebone’s best burgers, and the skinny bacon salt fries were a well-suited partner.

Boxcar Burger

We also shared a cut of fillet steak, and we were absolutely blown away by the tenderness of the meat. I barely needed my knife to cut through it, each mouthful melted into my mouth as if cooked in a slow-cooker. The flavour of the meat was so good I didn’t need my bearnaise sauce, and appreciated the meat as it was (yes it was that good).

Boxcar Fillet Steak

Last but not least the sticky toffee pudding, cooked to order. Although you will have to wait about 10 to 15 min for it to be ready, this was the perfect amount of time to sip on the remains of the bottle of Il Folle Nero D’Avola we had to accompany the meal. This warm and cozy dessert served with a cool lump of clotted cream was the perfect happy ending to a lovely meal.

I would recommend Boxcar as a must visit to any meat lover, and particularly those who care about the origin and quality of the product. At Boxcar you are in good hands, and sure to enjoy fresh produce with maximum flavour in warm surroundings.


23 New Quebec Street
020 3006 7000


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